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1/20 Scale Diner

Started by FichtenFoo, May 07, 2011, 06:51:44 PM

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Not sure what's wrong with me, but I've started constructing a 1/20 scale diner. So far so good and the pic below is only about 24 hours work, but I'm starting to really grasp all the small details I'll be needing to flesh it out. Silverware, dishes, cups, mugs, condiment bottles, napkin disp., sugar, cream, cakes, pies, and more. G-Scale is close, but am not having too much luck. Will probably have to scratch and cast most of what I need. Looking into PE for the flatware/spatulas.

Also working on a hanging monorail for the scene. It'll be for another Vincent "Futuristic" type robot in that 50's look.

Chicks dig giant robots.


QuoteG-Scale is close, but am not having too much luck. Will probably have to scratch and cast most of what I need. Looking into PE for the flatware/spatulas.

Hey Mr. Foo
welcome to the wonderful world of 1:20 scale, where almost everything that is not a train is scratch built.
And a lot of the trains as well.

Beautiful work so far, by the way.
Looking forward to your progress photos.

Mr Potato Head

Cool! And I also love the movie Diner !
get back to work I can't wait to see more!
Gil Flores
In exile in Boise Idaho


Thanks guys!

I've been dealing with the unfortunate 1/20 scale lack of anything issues for way too long as well. Maschinen Krieger kits are 1/20 scale and while I no longer build them, still have a lot of other genre 1/20 scale mecha kits in the stash. I love the scale though... nice and big so you can really detail it up. The diner is already 17" wide and 4" tall with another inch or so to be added for the roof. http://fichtenfoo.net/blog/tag/120-scale/

Mostly though, the diner is an excuse to try out some EL Wire. Buwahahahah! http://www.glowire.com/index.htm

Chicks dig giant robots.

Ray Dunakin

Very cool! That monorail already looks awesome!
Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World

mad gerald

Quote from: FichtenFoo on May 07, 2011, 06:51:44 PM
... Also working on a hanging monorail for the scene ...

...* D A N G * ...  :o


now THAT looks the part ... !

I just wonder, how you manage to do all that bending to form these round, quarter circle shaped areas at the edges of the roof and the front ... or do you use styrene tubes, cutting them in 4 pieces? And what about these left and right areas, looking like the tail fins of a Chevy '57? Is that some kinda sheet ... or are they strips, arranged parallel to each other?

BTW: I've been lurking 'round your website/blog for quite a while, hoping for some progress regarding your 1/12 scale mechanics ... hoping, that I'll be able to create some similar 1/22,5 scale Feldbahn staff some day myself ...

Kind regards


Outstanding so far. The whole concept sounds like you'll have a field day. Expect to scratchbuild most of what you need but it's such a nice scale a lot of that will be fun.

For those unfamiliar with it, 1:20.32 is 15mm (about 5/8-inch) = 1 foot).



Wonderful styrene work. I too would be interested in hearing about the bending of those radii.


Thanks guys!

Curves... they suck.  :D I've gotten quite used to bending plastic sheet in layers (laminating), using bondo, easter eggs, or in the case of the roof here, you guessed it... styrene tube cut in fours length-wise. I used the same thing for the diner corners. A while back I got 6 feet each of 1.5", 1" and .75" styrene tube on clearance and use it a LOT. The pile of bulk at the front (and back) of the car roof is already smothered in Bondo waiting for me to sand it smooth.

For cutting the tubes, First wrap some tape around the tube and make a slice along the length of the tube to use to measure the circumference. Remove the tape and measure it, divide by 4 (or whatever you need). Then cut some strips of tape in that width and place them lengthwise on the tube for guides. Then a strip of Dymo (label) tape works great as a straight-edge. Score the tube along all the tape edges then squeeze the tube and POP! Curved segments abound.

For the curve around the front to the sides, I just used sheet styrene bent around the guides seen in the frame photo. The side-walls are Plastruct corrugated sheeting. I cut it in the shap I needed then bent the front around a marker pen to curve it before gluing it down. The I glued rod around the outside of the corrugated sheet to make the rim. Half-round was used for other edging.

I plan to light the inside and head/tail lights but am waiting on an order of 10mm warm white LEDs from Hong Kong (ebay + HK = cheap electronic components) before I can wire and finish detailing the inside. The headlight is from a tip of some ABS "T" connector from Home Depot. I ofen raid their plumbing department for interesting shapes.
Chicks dig giant robots.

Malachi Constant

I'd like to see the interior of the diner animated along the lines of the diner scene in Space Balls, please!  ;D

The fabrication on both models is shaping up beautifully!

-- Dallas Mallerich  (Just a freakin' newbie who stumbled into the place)
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Great tip on cutting/splitting the tubing.
Have done it a number of times for different builds but never as simple and clean as your presentation of it.
Thanks much.