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1/12 Scale Mechanics »

Started by FichtenFoo, January 11, 2011, 10:13:54 AM

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W.P. Rayner

Very nice PE sheet of mechanic's tools Michael. Are you planning on making those available for sale?



Sweet, and way cool. So glad to see an update/progress on this.

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Thanks guys! Was considering scaling these down to 1/20 scale for a production run, but am undecided until I can get enough interest. Not sure if there'd be enough interest in a 1/12 scale set. I'd need to be able to sell at least 40 to make it worthwhile. The cost went up at my production PE vendor's vendor. These were etched by a guy that'll do the occasional proof/one-off for me.
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Michael -
Thanks for the Sculpey tip. I'll try that.
Now, about those etched tools. They look great. But... how thick are they?
If thin, then do you have a way to make them look thick enough for 1" scale?
Will you sell me a sheet or two?


Well, that's the problem. The pliers and wrenches should be fine. The large pipe wrench was laid out to be folded to double the thickness. The monkey wrench will be a little thin, but it also depends on how it's placed into the scene whether that'll be noticeable. I hoped for thicker metal, but my one-off guy can't etch that. These were done in .010" brass.

As for selling them, I only had enough produced for my needs as I didn't expect there to be interest in the 1/12 scale. However, if I get enough people interested in the 1/20 scale (Maschinen Krieger modelers would love that) then I could have a few 1/12 scale frets added to the master sheet so that I can kill 2 birds with one stone.

My PE production guy has a minimum order per film thrust on him by his vendor. So I'd have to order enough to fill up 2-3 huge sheets of brass which could be 50 sets. It's too pricey for me to just sit on unsold stock. (barely breaking even with my sea life photoetch set trying to sell off the last of it and that was done before the price increase) Let me think about it though... it may all work out.

I want to include a PE toolbox as well. Any preference on the design? I was considering the long rectangular open-topped house-shaped style. What I'd really love is a huge red/chrome Craftsman tool chest all in PE with working drawers and such... but that's a full set in itself! LOL!
Chicks dig giant robots.


Chicks dig giant robots.



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Chicks dig giant robots.

compressor man

Just a thought on the "too thin" tools. Could they be "painted" with a very thick substance such as 5 minute epoxy? Perhaps if this were done to each side they could have a more beefy look about them.