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1:35 Bucket chain excavator Ertmer KB 1

Started by Bernhard, October 27, 2019, 03:54:51 AM

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Then the bucket is soldered to the two chain strands with the resistance soldering device.


Thus the chain grows bit by bit.


And now once again there is frustration and standstill on the bench. I have ordered 200 rivets, but somehow 6 are missing now to finish the chain! And the supplier of the rivets has closed the shop because of Covid19.
Let's wait and see, and get on with the sprocket.

Stay healthy and creative!


Bill Gill

Bernhard, Despite etchings that got binned, laser cinder burr removing, cleaning, aligning, soldering, assembling
most of 502 parts al you have lost is 6 rivets. I would have lost what is left of my mind! Fantastic work!


Thanks, guys. Bill, luckily I have other projects to help me pass the waiting time.



Who made your rivets? and what size are they?

Bill Hudson
Bill Hudson
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get up ten.


Hello Bernhard, was you needed for rivets maybe I can help out.
Regards Helmut
the journey is the goal


Thanks for your help, guys.

The size of the rivets is 0.8 mm, and they have a special head.  So I want to use the same ones again to make sure the chain is exactly the same width over the whole length.  That's important so it doesn't jam.  I got them from the Knupfer company in German.  Replenishment is ordered, but I have no confirmation yet.  I don't know if they can and want to deliver to Switzerland.



Just outstanding, excellent demonstration of fine scale modeling.


Bernhard, if you tell me you are building the model just to keep your hands busy and, since you have limited space where you live, you plan to throw it out or give it away when it is complete ... I will murder you ... even though your patience and craftsmanship are satisfactory. -- Russ

Ray Dunakin

What mind-boggling work! Fantastic!

When this wonderful is complete and time comes when you need to make room for something else, I'm sure there must be a museum somewhere that would love to have it.
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Ray Dunakin's World


Russ and Ray, don't worry, I plan to build a second module for the bucket chain excavator to present it on. However, I actually have quite little space in my workshop, because my 4 x 2 m H0 layout is still standing there and slowly getting dusty. I will probably have to part with it soon.



Hmmm, why do I always have the impression this must be a watchmaker at work??? ::)
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" -Leonardo Da Vinci-



Peter, you're not entirely wrong. In fact, for many years I sold machines for making watch parts.