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19th Century Cornish Stable

Started by granitechops, March 14, 2012, 02:45:02 AM

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A long time ago, when the world was young, in a land of rocky cliffs & wild seas, there lived a boy with his parents & sisters in a what had been originally a gentleman industrialist's town house. By then the place was a little run down, and the parents were struggling to modernise the house, for eg. installing an inside bathroom, father acheiving this with the aid of the newly published Practical Engineer,  & Practical Householder magazines.
As the gents place of work? / oversight was a couple of miles away, when the house was built, before the days of the motor car, they had a simple stable block for housing his groom/ stable boy with a loft/ living space over in the grounds of the house. by this time though, it was unused.   Built to a standard for servant use only, it did not even have ceilings just open rafters. While there were odds & ends of tools & junk on the ground floor, upstairs was just about empty. Great fun was had by the 6 - 12 year olds,
Beacause access to upstairs was by outside stone steps open to a lane, that door was always kept locked, the only other access was by a trap door from the hay loft area to the tack room, with a rickety vertical ladder, which could just about cope with the weight of children, but would have been problematic for adults. Parents were rarely seen in this hideway.
But time dims the memory & details & dimensions are over 60 years ago   .   .  . ....  
Don in sunny Devon, England


I am an unreliable witness to my own existence.

In the corners of my mind there is a circus....



By the time they lived there, horses had long gone & the stable doors had been altered to take  a motor car. There had been a people door leading to a passage way through the side of the stable but still under the loft. Because of the ground layout when the stable door was widened access being on the slant there was still not enough room for a car to drive through,  so .   .  . ...
Don in sunny Devon, England


if I can do it perhaps a 'Sketch' will help
Original layout
with stable door & person doors separate
Don in sunny Devon, England


Alteration to accomodate car

Don in sunny Devon, England


Ian Hodgkiss
The Steamy Pudding - an English Gentleman's Whimsy in 1:24 scale Gn15 (in progress)
On the Slate and Narrow - in 1:12 scale (coming soon)
Brisbane, Australia


So Sleuthing.
I remembered what furniture was in which rooms, especially the orientation of beds, wardrobes, dressing tables & as the house is the same width as the stable block, that gave me some idea of that dimension  => 18 ft
Father had grandiose ideas as to cars, he had previosly been driving Humber Super Snipes, for a living ( limosines of their day ) & he bought an old Armstrong Siddley which just fitted inside the stable. Not that it was ever seen  going, as it needed a lot of work on it & his boss's work vehicle an old Ford E83 was left outside in the lane overnight
So that gave me an approximate length for the stable itself => 18 ft

So with the tack room beyond the stable box that gives us

Don in sunny Devon, England


Quote from: artizen on March 14, 2012, 05:06:24 AM
Will this be 1:12?

Oh, yes this is 1/12th
it may be used in conjunction with the packing shed
Don in sunny Devon, England


The roof was giving problems,
as this building is at a distance from any road that Google street view used
Just a few tantsalising glimpses were gained
Old Maps were very few & indistinct
& even Sattelite pics did not give a very good idea
I think I now have a good idea of what it used to look like as the property has undergone a lot of changes since back then

So using Sketch up this is what is the foundation of the new project
Don in sunny Devon, England


A long time ago, when the world was young - My Dad had a BSA motor bike and side car and we lived in a Prefab on the Southend on Sea road !
I love a bit of atmosphere to create inspiration for our models -Your Cornish Stable sounds like its got all of it.

Gordon Ferguson

Quote from: Barney on March 14, 2012, 05:55:16 AM
A long time ago, when the world was young - My Dad had a BSA motor bike and side car and we lived in a Prefab on the Southend on Sea road !

That helps explain a lot

Sorry about that Don, look forward to seeing how your idea develops


Barney, back in those days my Uncle from Lancashire visited us, he had a Big bike & side car. I remember the look on the PC on point duty when we drove by, in Penzance
Uncle, Aunty & cousin on the bike, with 4 children & mother in the sidecar, on way home went up a 1in 4 no trouble at all, cant remember what the bike was though  
Gordon I got a similar one to that in 1/12 sent by our grandchidren ( because it was 1/12th not because it was wallace! )
Don in sunny Devon, England


This is what the roof looks like
front view,
but in this view I got the chimney wrong as I was looking at the wrong roof in google street view

Don in sunny Devon, England


This is the rear view with chimney, which is in the right area, but I am not sure if the chimney base should be inside the outer wall instead of outside it, doesnt quite look right
Don in sunny Devon, England


So, first step, print out for reference
Don in sunny Devon, England