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The play ground

Started by Daniel, July 24, 2022, 03:39:48 AM

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1-DSC01468 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01469 by d.caso, on Flickr\

1-DSC01470 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01471 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01472 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01473 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01474 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01475 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01476 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01477 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01478 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01479 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01480 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01481 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-DSC01482 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 4451 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-053 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 4473 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 4474 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 4475 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 140 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 141 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 142 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 144 by d.caso, on Flickr

I designed it using Sketchup and it was printed in FUD by SHAPEWAYS.
Silly me, i forgot there is no way for Magoo to insert separate rivet castings (or prints) in such invisible holes!
Marc Reusser was so kind to send me a box with all imaginable n.b.w. types and other castings but the only thing I achieved was to accept that life had no intention to make me capable of adding individual rivet in 1/32.

If Mr. Wallet gives me one day the chance, i will make a new drawing with rivets and bolt heads included.

Still, by then (ten years ago), the idea of building separate components so close posible to flat planes helped very good to avoid most of the layering issues from the printing process.

By the way: is Marc Reusser still in the forum?



This was until a couple of months ago oner of Magoo's favorite materials for making windows in every size. Again SKETCHUP but this time laser cut in 1mm MDF. I made different drawings so go  three different square sizes...

1-31  8  2012 1143 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 1144 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 1145 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 1147 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 1148 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 1153 by d.caso, on Flickr

... but now, with the sled & the PROXXON saw, Mr. Wallet is proud of me.  ::)

1-31  8  2012 1171 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 1168 by d.caso, on Flickr

(That was also ten years ago.)



...but...did you mention big sclae?

1-113 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-114 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-116 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-117 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-118 by d.caso, on Flickr

... here's your lampo shade, sir.

1-119 by d.caso, on Flickr

1-31  8  2012 3700 by d.caso, on Flickr


Bill Gill

Hi "Magoo" lots of good stuff. Thanks for posting.
What did you use for the stucco on the building front made of the blue foam?


Hi Bill.
Thank you for your words.

Regarding the stucco on the blue foam (it is the foam with coarser surface i use and used here for floor and roof isolation in 1/1 scale modeling) in this case i used a layer of a bit diluted acrylic paint but above that enough dry pastel until it gets me smiling.
Nevertheless, i use many times other materials for giving a base, as latex wall paint, cheap plaster, cheap plaster with a bit of dilutted white glue, painter's GESSO (but then i get Mr Wallet claiming for a week) and often nothing more than an a bit thick wash of acrylic paint and a lot of pastelwork.

Again: i preffer to try every material i can get and keep all of them arround so, once at work, i don't need to think but let the hands use whatever they want. If one mexperiment a bit in a discarde piece of foam, the hands and the eyes will keep forever that and 'know' at the moment of action.

Anyway, the texture of the stucco you mean is mainly the rough surface of the foam.



Very inspirational. And, to answer your question, Marc Reusser has been missing in action for a few years. I don't know whether he is taking a break from modeling or whether he prefers a different venue for his work. I very much hope he returns. -- Russ


Thank you Russ.
If my memory is not kidding again his doughter must be a teenager by now so the chance he is having a serene life is not really big. :-)

It would be nice to see him back at the forum.

B.t.w.:i received notification for the new thread by Carlo at this forum but didn't get any about your message.

So i hope everybody realize that very delay at answering messages is because that. Still, i keep an eye on this thread so hope to avoid that.


Ray Dunakin

Quote from: Daniel on September 02, 2022, 12:45:37 AMI was building "ROCHEFORT", a layout representing a 20" imaginary line somewhere in also imaginary France...

I love it!! Great use of vertical space and horizontal compression, featuring some clever theatrical "tricks", all culminating in a very attractive layout/diorama!

Visit my website to see pics of the rugged and rocky In-ko-pah Railroad!

Ray Dunakin's World


Thank you, Ray, for your encouraging comment.
And great that you enjoyed it.

Yes, i was very happy with the result and was sad to dismantle it all without it reaching the person who ordered it. But, as always, such saddness changes very fast as soon as one realizes there is plenty to be recycled, and. the most important, room for a new project.

There were several things i really liked and one was the three track yard...

P1720499 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1720361 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1720357 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1720465 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1720472 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1720479 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1720526 by d.caso, on Flickr

... may be i'll start a dedicated thread. I learned plenty through doing it and some concepts may be of interest.



I like it, too. -- Russ


Thank you, Russ, for your sustained supporting reactions.

The muses dance to that music and our attention gets inspired.

 Magoo, Mr. Wallet & Daniel  :)


I don't know if you know RABOESCH styrene stuuf. I think i mentioned before... (...)

In this case i found a good use to their rods with a small center hole...

P1730347-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730343-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

I use thin steel rod for giving it a maleable core where needed...

P1730348-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730349-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

... made a 2D 'pattern'...

P1730351-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730350-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730352-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

... formed with a convenient pliers th approx shape and submerged for a while in hot water so to give the styrene to learn the new situation...

P1730354-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730360-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

,,, using a center dril by hand i enlarged the openings at the ends...

P1730357-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730361-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

For the brackets i had made the drawing and got prints from SHAPEWAYS but, after so many years and Mr. Wallet hurting me with his eyes i would now go for other options once the small provission of brackets has gone. (I will come for that soon,because next diorama will have plenty of old organic architecture.But one thing i absolutely will do is to make a couple of appropriate puleys to fit the styrene radius and use them in a simplified railbender in two or three steps and warming the styrene a little bit every time.

P1730371-001 by d.caso, on Flickr

P1730373-001 by d.caso, on Flickr



Hi Krusti

I want to thank you for your sustained like of my posts.
I tried to find some of your work but couldn't. I went to your profile and found i know your name from long, long ago and i am certain we had had some contact but my memory don't succeed at telling me where, when or about. Still i am sure your name is some way familiar to me. May be from my old times here but more likely from even before. May be the YAHOO groups before the forums came up? ...or perhaps my "FCALV Models" days...?
Probably, if i see some of your work something will wake up inside yelling "Of course i know your work...!!!"
So, PLEASE, would you asist me by giving me one or more links to visit?