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New 1:87 diorama

Started by Doane, December 29, 2022, 07:23:59 AM

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Initial stage in laying out the FOS buildings I just purchased for a new diorama in 1:87 scale. I start out this way to determine the minimum board size and then when I actually get the kits I construct foam core mock-ups to further refine the layout. I wish the kit companies would give more dimensions in their ads 😟

Try it again... Here are some shots. This is the first step in the design. Since this will be built on a hill side it's really important to think about how things will be arranged for the final photo shoots.I start out with rough paper cutouts of the buildings and roads and lay them out on a tabloid size 11"x17" graph paper pad.2022-12-28 12-11-51_resize.JPG2022-12-28 13-53-13_resize.JPG2022-12-28 15-02-55_resize.JPG   


Looks promising.  Will love to see the end result.


It would be great to see an update on this project. My personal take is to start with the street plan. I like the radial streets coming from a roundabout with a statue in the centre, like the first photo...I would line up the main entrance of the top building with axis of the statue. My suggestion is that you shape the buildings to fit the street plan, otherwise its never going to look right.
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Always nice to see how others approach the hobby.

Is this done yet?
Darryl Huffman
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