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Started by Chris, June 03, 2011, 12:40:56 PM

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Scale: O (1/48ème) NMRA.
Dimensions: 12,00 m x 0,80 m - 40' long near 3 feet large
Basement: L guirder
tracks & switches handmade code 148 & 125.
17 switches 164 feet of tracks
4800 ties handmade
18500 "spikes", one in gold yes that's true a real gold spike in scale during a great ceremony 
Tortoise motor
max grade   3 %
digital (DCC) with sound inside engines
decoders Digitrax/NCE/Soundtraxx/Zimo
Signalisation:NJ International/K.Line with cells in the tracks for detection

MRS is a switching layout point to point composed with six modules,
the layout have an hidden yard for the operations
we operate it, with waybills for each cars.

A short video during Adliswill 14th in Switzerland

Some pics about the texaco station...

This layout represent ten years of work, many buildings have been scratchbuilt 
Freight cars came from Atlas Weaver Intermountain but have been detailed and weathered we have about 110 freight cars in the roster
but during operations we used around 50 (need to build extensions ;D that have been sheduled)

NH 32196/36833/0501

ICG 480069/ NP 659999

PRR 351485

NYC 45720 / GN 39601 / ERIE 67603


SOO 70176-70179 / TLDX 3866 / TLDX 5402 / PRR 260608

LN 170912 / NYC 502351 / MRS  :?: & :?: faut que je regarde dans les boîtes :oops:

DH 17103 / NYC 168002 / WAB 78077 à vérifier :!:

MRS / MoW 20 / transfer 02 / Tool Car

EL 21151 / GACX 40230 / IDLX 342 / PRR 236073 / PC 74217

GACX 42380 / AEX 176

MILW 2155 / LN 41237

During a show at Eneria (Caterpillar)with employees and customers
I have got many others pics ;) hope you enjoyed this !

Welcome to Wherever You Are!

Ray Dunakin

Sweet!! Really nice layout.

Does the blue pickup truck actually run on the tracks, or is it just for show?
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No it's just a static model  :D
you have no place to put a motor + decoder inside :(
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  congratulations with this nice layout.  Very refined weathering.
  How big is the crew that has built the layout ?  How many are needed to operate ?
  Do you plan to go to more exhibitions ?


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Hi Jack
The team is about 5 persons
Jean Soukiassian, Gerard Rodriguez, Marcel Jeanson, Julien David, and me
Generally Marcel is the dispatcher, compose train in function of the different industries along the track, every car got a card "waybill" with destination loading etc...
one guy assist Marcel to place every car on the hidden yard
2 or 3 people switch (delivering or picking cars)
We work with an accelerated clock, a day is only 8 hours like John Allen did at his time ;)
for the buildings in fact some have been built by group of 2 persons but for example Jean made the garage, I made Purina; Marcel made all the wiring and electronics
I also drawn backdrop with alcohol pencils, that was made 10 years ago.
Next exhibition shoud be in South Paris, Rail expo
It will be fun to bring it to the states, but it's 6 modules + two extensions now, in fact it's 800 pounds of materials
we need a container and it's cost money by plane  :-[

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Excellent .. Excellent .. and .. Most Excellent! ...
Ed Traxler

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Quote from: Chris on June 03, 2011, 12:40:56 PM
I have got many others pics ;) hope you enjoyed this !

O yes. Keep the pictures coming!

Regards, Hauk
Regards, Hauk
"Yet for better or for worse we do love things that bear the marks of grime, soot, and weather, and we love the colors and the sheen that call to mind the past that made them"  -Junichiro Tanizaki

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Thanks thanks and rethanks

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two domes tank car was scratchbuilt, it's a chemical one used for solvents
Welcome to Wherever You Are!


Welcome to Wherever You Are!


Nice freight car and switcher weathering. -- Russ