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Author Topic: Childīs play  (Read 9637 times)
« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2009, 02:35:50 AM »

Hey Hauk,

Those are not bad looking stone... a little too polished/decrotive... need to leave a little more of larger breaks
more of a fractured look rather than a finely chipped look (most big stone shapers did not use a chisel that small on those size stones) one guy held the big chisel and trusted the other guy not to hit his hand holding the chisel.
It is more to do with the weathering of the stone that smoothes the surfaces... (i.e. the high spots gradually become smoothe... they dont become more smaller high spots in a vertical exposed surface build).  It would be the pooling effect that would create more smaller highs and lows (pitting) in a horiz. exposed surface build... the pitting leads to the rock spawling effect.

As for the shape of the stones... the lifts should be more consistant... with the first two lifts having a level top surface...
In most I have seen they would have continued with the level lifts... and in cases where they would not they would use a filler stone (see photo) rather than laboring a custom cut. (In most civil engineered projects) The more angles on the stone weaken the stones even distrobution of forces applied to it. It seems that the simplist construction priciples exploited the stones maximum potencial... (the materials highest cronstucted lifecycle would be in a stacking concept)... as they have proven with the test of time... thus leading the trust in the longevity of Brick (man made stone for the stacking concept)


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