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Title: 4 years on
Post by: 1-32 on September 05, 2011, 02:50:51 AM
now it is 4 years on and this series of photoes were taken up to 2 months ago.i been working on my new model for a while there has been many changes.the concept is of a baloon track around a central maratime wrecking lagoon.the entrance is on the left under the factoty.the factory is no longer used i could put in a ore unloader from the top level to the siding maybe later,at the moment is used for a store for the maratime salvage company.on the right is nature a caravan on a barge supports a huge tree.the first photo is of a robert hudson style industral turnout code 83 ,16.5 gauge finescale.it works mechanically,throw the ground throw which in turn switches the points and a micro switch under the board.the little loco is a simplex,all my locoes are either kits limited runs or bashed.i use very simple tools no cad programs i think i have lost my dremel my stuff is about 85%scratch built and i design a lot of it.i dont do any precision engineering
in the last 2 months i have finished the track and the soil is in place
now to the photoes,just is passing i have noticed thatthis site hosts some very serious modellers
cheers kim

Title: Re: 4 years on
Post by: artizen on September 05, 2011, 06:04:49 AM
I like all the little touches in the buildings. I would really like to see more closeups of the rolling stock.

Most of all, I would really like to see a backscene to hide the room the layout is in - it deserves to be seen in isolation so we can lose ourselves in your thoughtfully observed little world.

Title: Re: 4 years on
Post by: 1-32 on September 05, 2011, 01:17:41 PM
hi there i like your comments
soon i will post some photoes of my locoes not a large selection,just small industral types that can get around the tight radi.
ah backdrops i feel with a lot of layouts this is the one element that destroys them.unless you are a compent artist dont bother.you are right a backbrop focues your attention.i have painted mine a light sky blue the finished item will be a enclosed light box using daylight fluroes.this will be detaciable.
work in progress
cheers kim

Title: Re: 4 years on
Post by: MT Hopper on September 05, 2011, 01:59:47 PM
Hello and welcome Kim. I am slightly familiar with your work from NGDU and am a fan.
Hope you enjoy it here.

Cheers from the Heart of the Continent
Will ;D